Bisma Akbar, the daughter of Master Group’s CEO Sheikh Muhammad Akbar, has been very definition of assiduity and tireless commitment to being successful, at the mere age of 22.
Her early educational background is associated with one of the most prestigious and distinguished institutions of Pakistan, Lahore Grammar School. For her higher studies, Bisma Akbar returned to her birthplace, England, and completed her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the Regent University, London.
She is the present Managing Director of not one but two of the Master Group’s sister concerns, i.e., Master Sanitary Fittings and Regal City. Bisma Akbar’s multifarious achievements also include her being the CEO of “Bisma Akbar by Master”, an esteemed clothing brand for women.
As a young entrepreneur in this competitive and highly creative fashion design industry of Pakistan, I have always envisioned Bisma Akbar by Master to be the epitome of elegance and simplicity with a hint of panache.
Our fashion brand is continuously adapting to the ever-changing fashion trends of Pakistan. Moreover, I aim to provide our clients with a customized fashion-style and get rid of the one-fad-followed-by-all trend.
Bisma Akbar by Master aims to be known for its authentic and chic cuts as well as its unique presentation of Pakistani culture. Just like the other marvels of the Master Group, Bisma Akbar by Master too will continue to strive towards progress and development through constant deliverance of unmatched quality.
In an ever-transforming market, Master Group has successfully managed to carry forward its legacy and create more and more opportunities for its stakeholders. Since the day of its establishment, Master Group’s leading goal has been Customer Satisfaction through the deliverance of unmatched quality in terms of its products.
Even after decades of excellence and a well-spread network of companies across the country, our core philosophy remains to be an active role-player in the economic and industrial history of Pakistan.
As our country slowly strives towards progress and development, Master Group aims to keep playing its productive role in this journey through its innovative and futuristic products and services.


Bisma Akbar by Master is a sister company of Master Group. After successfully conquering the Textile Industry of Pakistan, Master Group has set its next milestone to take over the Fashion Industry of Pakistan. The company is committed to focusing on consumer satisfaction and executing a customer-centric business module.
We are the manufacturer of exclusive custom-fitted, and high-end fashion clothing that is crafted by hand from start to finish, and made from the highest-quality materials. Bisma Akbar by Master aims to be the future of minimalistic and cultured attire. This company aims to be a unique blend of imaginative and inventive team players led by diligent and self-motivated visionaries.
Following the footsteps of other Master Group companies, Bisma Akbar by Master too will continue to strive towards progress and development through constant deliverance of unmatched quality. We aim to provide continuous innovation in the Pakistan fashion industry while keeping our quality consistent and deliveries in-time.